The oobSeerâ„¢

Don't want the responsibility of picking a book for the Club?

Then the oobSeer™ can help.  It is your Club's book choser, and will automatically pick a book for the Club from everyone's suggestions.

When chosen from the Dashboard, it goes to everyone's Suggestions folder and selects all the books.  It collects all the books, eliminates duplicates, and weights all the selections to give everyone a fair chance.

To start the choosing process, just click the Start the oobSeer™ button.

The oobSeer™ process

The oobSeer™ goes through all the suggested books and randomly drops each book one-by one until there is only one book left.


Once it has completed its cycle, it will show the selected book and give you the option to add it to the Club :-

Click the Add chosen book to Club button, and the book will be added to your Club folder.

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