OOB Help

The OOB app is straightforward and easy to use, but this guide is always available for reference.

You can also use the search facility to quickly find what you are looking for.

Setting Up


Sending invitations to your members

User types - the two different types

Profiles - manage personal details and photo

Getting Started

Logging in

The OOB Dashboard

Book Folders - the three different areas

Adding books

Adding books to the Club Folder - for club administrators

Adding books to the Private Folder - for all members

Adding books to the Suggestion Folder - for all members

Book details screen

Viewing the book details screen.

Advanced Editor

Comments, Reviews & Ratings

Adding comments 

Adding a review and star rating

The oobSeer™

Using the oobSeer™ to choose a Club book


The Events screen - Viewing adding/editing/deleting Events


The Notes screen - Viewing adding/editing/deleting personal Notes