Adding comments to Club books

This is where the fun starts.

The OOB app will let you make comments about any of your Club books. Using the comments, you can have a conversation with the other Club members.

Adding a comment

It's easy to add a comment.  Just locate the book in the Club books panel, then on the right, click on the  icon (see above) to display the comment entry screen.

  1. Type in your comment (see above).
  2. Click the Save button.  Your comment will be displayed in the conversation stream and the number of posted comments for the book will be updated.


Each time a comment is logged, all the other members will get notifications that there has been a comment logged about the book.  

If many comments are being logged in a short space of time, the app will temporarily halt notifications for an hour or so, to stop members being swamped with emails and notifications.

Editing your comments

If you save a comment and want to change it, simply bring up the comment screen and click on your comment box:

When you've finished editing, click away from the box and your changes will be saved.

To delete a comment completely, just remove all text from the box, then click away.

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