Book Folders

Club, Private & Suggested Books

There are three 'folders' where your books are stored. All the folders can be searched to find your books using the title, author or date. The Club folder has additional search capabilities.

Club Books

This is where your book Club books are kept.  All club members can see the books, search, add comments, or add reviews to them.

Books are added to the Club Books section by the club administrators. They can also amend things like:

Private Books

Books in the Private Books folder for you only.  No-one else can see them. Use it to store books :-

Suggested Books

This is for books you'd like to suggest to the Club.  You can either use it as an aide-memoire to remind you of the books, or if your club uses it, the OOBSeer™ will go through everyone's Suggested books and randomly select one for the club.

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