Keep track of all your books - quick, simple and easy

For bookclub leaders and members - remember, discuss and plan the books you love, with the friends you trust

Never forget a book

Save all the details of the books you read in the OOB, as you read them. Record what you and your club friends think about them.


Book conversations

Discuss the books with your book group friends. It handles timezones and languages, so doesn't matter where you live.

It's private

Private social networking for you and your book club friends. No-one but you and your friends get to play!

Your personal book store

Store books for reading now within the club, private ones for you only, or ones you want to suggest to the club.


Can't decide on the next club book? Let the oobSeerTM automatically choose it for you.



Your dashboard shows latest comments and reviews from the club. Make notes for your own reminders. Check the date of the next meetup.

This app has made our life so much easier. It means you never forget what each book was about, which is important if your book club has been going for 15 years like ours.
It also means that no one person has to take responsibility for collecting suggestions and distributing them to everyone.
It's there at your fingertips for all to see, with dates, ratings, everything you could wish for! D Fowlis, TV Book Club

Your book dashboard

Everything that is going on in your club. Totals, reminders, meeting and event dates, member details.

Our Own Book Club Dashboard

Your books

All your books in one place. See them with a click, or use the search facilities.

Our Own Book Club book details

Book folders

Club books for everyone. Private ones for you. Suggestions for the club.

Our Own Book Club book folders


Discuss books as you read them with your club friends (or yourself!).

Book conversations

Review and rate

Note down your thoughts on books and give them your personal rating.

Book reviews and ratings